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Offer up your services or products as an extra source of income...

By selling your goods and services on the Lightworker Marketplace, your work will be seen other spiritual entrepreneurs on similar - yet unique - journeys as you. An artist may need your soulful business advice. A coach my need your beautiful meditations for her website. Offer what you're here to share and revel in the joy that comes from working with people you love!

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Get your next logo, your new favorite crystals, or have your cards read...

From physical products (like home decor, jewelry, crystals and books) to digital products (like printable workbooks, royalty free music, and clip art for your website) and services from professional coaches, healers, therapists and guides, there's everything you need as a spiritual entrepreneur!

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Trade your coaching for art, or vice versa with this optional feature...

Did you hit it off with a fellow lightworker and you both are interested in each other's work? As long as someone's profile is opted in for trading (this is an optional feature as we know not everyone is open to it) you can send them a message to come up with your dream exchange.

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